A moment in time

I hear the clang of steel upon steel, the vibrations through the hilt, the energy moving through my hand and up my arm. My sword clashes with his, sparks flying. My calloused hands shaking and dripping with sweat. “No giving up now” I think. Sunlight bounces off my shiny blade and beams into his eyes, momentarily blinding him. “Here’s my chance!” I think excitedly I take a leap and bring my sword down upon his. He blocks the attack but only just. The trees around us sway in the breeze, oblivious to the quarrel going on in the fields below them. The frost covered grass crunches underneath my feet as i make an unexpected move, catching the opponent by surprise. My finely polished armour glints in the bright sun, i advance, dodging his sword by millimetres and hit home. “Touché”, i hear his voice ringing in my ears, loud and clear. I drop my foil and look around me, the trees are gone… and the frost covered grass. My shiny bronze armour has been replaced with a sterile white cotton jacket and breeches. Applause and cheers start up around me. Lifting off my mask i bow, exhilarated and extremely proud. I’ve won the match and the shiny trophy sitting at the centre of the table is mine!


Students should wear school uniform

I believe that students should wear school uniform. The benefits of wearing a uniform is that you can wear the same thing everyday and not have to worry about what you’re going to wear in the morning, students in class won’t judge you because they are wearing the exact same thing and you help to represent the school by wearing their colours and logo in public. 

A great thing about wearing a school uniform is not having to think about what you’re going to wear in the morning! You can just throw on the same old thing everyday and not even have to think about how it looks or, for the really pretentious, whether or not the colours match your skin tone.



This Is Me.

Hi guys! I’m  Megan.

Just a little info about me, i love playing the piano. I’ve played for about 4 years now. I’ve also played tennis, netball, basketball and a little bit of archery. I’m 14 years old and am an only child. I love reading and am ashamed to say that i am a total nerd, I love Doctor Who, Sherlock and actually enjoy solving math equations. I was really nervous to come to this school, especially partway through the term, hope you guys can put up with me 😉 Haha last term i met both Gabby and Brianna and as i was in a boarding house, i had to share a room with Bri. That’s probably about it! Thanks 🙂